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Making agriculture easy with space technologies

Based on satellite images, EOSDA Crop Monitoring helps farmers to manage multiple fields, cut costs on resources and take reliable decisions. Big data covers big issues.

  • Easy-to-read maps

  • Data-driven decisions

  • AI cloud mask

  • Vegetation indices

  • Field leaderboard

Find it extremely hard to keep track of all your field activities throughout the season?

Field activity log allows you to effortlessly plan and monitor all of your field activities for all of the crops in one place. Now it's all under control.

  • Easy-to-handle activity organizer and planner

  • Notifications about deviations from schedule (coming soon)

  • Notifications about equipment failure (coming soon)

  • Automated activity cost estimation

  • Analysis of costs, deviations from schedule, and more

  • Machinery and equipment allocation

Soya Beans 3.jpg
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